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Class of 66 Reunions

This page holds class pictures and links to photos for the many reunions enjoyed by the Class of 66. The pictures herein are a collection from numerous classmates, photographers and even local media spanning over 40 years since the first reunion in 1976. As you can tell from the menu stack, there are a LOT of reunions, there are a LOT of pictures and there are a LOT of memories. Our goal is to make them all easily accessible for everyone.

We start on this page with the first reunion, the 10yr reunion held in 1976. As most classes, we vowed upon graduation that we would all get together 10 years later and renew, revisit friendships we had held for so many years. At our 10th, we again vowed to hold a reunion every five years until no one was able to attend. And that vow we have kept, with reunions beginning in 1976, then 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and our latest in 2021. And while they may not be as big as some before, there is no doubt they will continue until only a couple of us are left to meet at Parkers for ice cream.

The menu links start with a remembrance page of those we have lost through the years. From there menu links are provided to all those reunions and the fun we had, including a few mini-reunions encountered by our Class of 66 Lunch Bunch. You are invited to peruse them and join with the memories.

10yr Reunion - 1976

And so it was, after 10 long years, on the 1st weekend in October 1976, the Class of 66 came together once again to see old friends, remember and create good times. Dressed to the nines with suits and fancy gowns, ready to impress. Some of us had changed quite a bit during the years, many looked just a lot like we did at graduation. After 10 years, careers and families were mostly established and everyone was eager to compare their stories. Some had built families and careers in Paducah, others came from all over the US, east, west, north and south. Some traveling up to 1000 miles to attend. By 1976, we had lost only two of our Class of 66 family; Dale Wheeler and Ronnie Manning.

We didn't take a lot of pictures at the 10th, or at least we didn't share a lot of pictures that may have been taken. After all, that we before the Internet and/or digital imaging. We do have a class photo, and after many long years, we were finally able to add another picture from the 10th - which generally goes to prove there are other pictures SOMEWHERE! The lone snapshot came from a single negative in a file with other Class of 66 hard prints. So, along with the class picture, we now have two.

The group photo was taken Saturday night, and a very nice writeup in the October 3rd Sunday morning edition of the Paducah Sun Democrat gives the explanation-talk about fast response-of both the Friday evening Noble Park picnic event and the Saturday banquet at Ken-Bar Inn. We won't requote the article as it is easily readable. The article and the attendance list are absolutely great.

Many thanks to the Reunion Committee for starting us off with a fabuluous 10th. If anyone has any pictures of this event we can add, PLEASE let us know, we would certainly welcome their inclusion into our collection.