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This page provides links to all the information we presently have available for the LOHS Class of 62. We have a great collection for 1962 with the Senior Spotlight and all eight Oak-K newspapers published for the year. We also have what may be considered a collectors item of sorts in the 1962 Lions Club Minstrels program. All of which may be access via the page menu.

Marching Band

In addition we have the The band picture to the right that was supplied to us from Carolyn Douglas ('63) Larkin as part of a series of pictures taken by her father, Garvice Douglas, during his tenure at LOHS. The picture is one of the new LOHS Marching Band participating in what is most likely a Murray Homecoming Parade in the Fall of 1961. The band is marching north on 4th street with the court house out of frame to the right. The October 10, 1961 Oak-K shows another picture of the band with names of participants. Our appreciation to Howard Boone of Boone Cleaners for helping us locate and date this photo.

Other photos from the Douglas collection may be found at 1963 Teachers Tea, 1964 Chemistry, 1965 Chemistry, 1971 Cheerleaders and probably more as we process them. We hope you enjoy these trips down memory lane.

1962 was another transitional year at Lone Oak High, construction was well underway for the newest addition. Replacing the old Ag building, it would become music, band, science and home Ec. Completion was scheduled for the fall of 1963. But there was a bigger project underway that involved everyone from students to Principle. The campaign to gain certification by and admittance in the Southern Assciation of Schools was a county wide effort.

Enjoy what we have for 1962, if you have addition information that is applicable to the Class of 62, please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

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