Lone Oak High School
Class of 1964 Collection

1964 Chemistry Class

Class of 1931

Physical Science Club 1963-64
Top Row: Grant Richards, Jay Burnett, Mike King, Donald Green, Garvice Douglas
Bottom Row: Jimm Cruse, Tana Underwood, Jimmy Singuefield, Don Gaines, Thomas Lund, Richard Gimmel, Tommy Wymann

In 2012, Carolyn Douglas ('63') Larkin found some photographic slides taken by Mr Garvice Douglas in the early 60s. Carolyn had those slides scanned and sent them to Frank Harris ('64). We ran a slide show of them and other pictures of the newly commissioned LoneOakAlumni.Org archival project at the 2012 Lone Oak Community Breakfast and received many great comments. Since there was no identification or dating on the slides Carolyn found, we then set about to identify and date those pictures. Below is one set of images from those slides.

Prior to the completion and opening of the Arts and Science Building in the fall of 1963, science classes met in class rooms build over the original gym on the west end of the main building. Garvis Douglas taught Chemistry in one of those classrooms. These obviously posed pictures, taken in his chemistry lab, include much of the Class of 64 which is why we have put them here. However, they would have been taken during the 62-63 school year or perhaps earlier. Chemistry was a sophomore or junior level class depending on your course of study.

The picture to the right, also part of the new 1963-64 High School Annual; "The Flash", is of the 1963-64 Physical Science Club. The picture was taken in the front of the new Chemestry Lab with everyone facing toward the rear of the room. All shown are Class of 64 except for Tana Underwood ('65), Secretary, and the only girl in the club.