Lone Oak High School
Class of 1994 Collection

1994 Newspapers

Oak-K Newspaper

Oak-K Newspapers from the 1993-1994 School Year may be found via the menu to the right all presented in PDF format for viewing or download.

We have eight of the nine numbered issues published monthly for this school year, missing the September issue. It seems obvious that problems from previous years may have led to changes in format for this year as the year begins in a smaller folded letter size, also known as ledger or B size; a slightly whiter finish and much clearer print. The actual size of the newspaper tended to vary through the year, but the layout remained close to 7x10 for the term.

This year also didn't exhibit any of the typical offset press characteristics, although that may due to the more computerized layout. But, where the paper is smaller in size is made up for in pages as most are at least 16 pages and some 24. While desktop publishing software, most likely Apple's version of Pagemaker, is obvious in the layout and graphics, photos were still hand cropped and pasted. A wide variety and sizes of fonts were used, some really small which leads to archiving problems with document compression, but we checked all issues and everything remains readable.

As always, the Oak-K remains the best documentary we have for life and history at Lone Oak High School and we are very appreciative of the Journalism Department for making it such. All of these issues came from the Journalism archives. Many thanks to the LOHS staff for giving us access. Enjoy your trip down memory lane with these issues of the LOHS newspaper.