Lone Oak High School
Class of 1995 Collection

1995 Newspapers

Oak-K Newspaper

Oak-K Newspapers from the 1994-1995 School Year may be found via the menu to the right all presented in PDF format for viewing or download.

We have eight of what we believe were eight issues published for the 1994-95 school year. We say as such because the May 31st edition is listed as Number 8 and is obviously the last publication of the school year, but the front page is dated April 30, 1995. The rest of the pages were dated either May or May 31st. So thanks to the LOHS Journalism Department archives we have issues 1 thru 8.

Like the May (or April?) issue, this year was filled with opps, goofs, typos and obvious mistakes from simple, and easy to miss, typos to missing or upside down pictures to misplaced captions and headlines that didn't seem to match the story. But, then what can you expect from a year that has 30 days in February. There are going to be opps in every publication of this size no matter how careful the staff may be, but for some reason it was almost more fun this year to find the boo-boos than read the stories.

Regardless of typos, the now not so new news is well worth reading as the paper continues to be the best source of LOHS history and the accomplishments of the school and our thanks to the 1995 Oak-K staff for that. The pendulum stopped swinging on the format and size mid-year as the publication settled into the small newspaper size of off-set print from previous years and was to remain for many to come.

All of these issues came from the Journalism archives. Many thanks to the LOHS staff for giving us access. Enjoy your trip down memory lane with these issues of the LOHS newspaper.