Lone Oak High School
Class of 1970 Collection

1970 Newspapers

Oak-K Newspapers from the 1969-1970 School Year may be found via the menu to the right all presented in PDF format for viewing or download. There were six issues for this school year, so far we have five, all of which came from the LOHS Journalism Department archives. This year shows volume 28, as it should to be in historical sequence.

The Oak-K under went a significant change this year. Previously, the newspaper was printed on semi-glossy magazine grade paper which produced white pages with high contrast type and clear pictures. It also aged well as many of the early copies are in excellent condition. Printing was done off site, meaning by a commercial printer. We are not sure if layout was performed by the printer, although composition was certainly performed by the journalism class.

Starting in the fall of 1969, the Oak-K was printed on standard newspaper stock using an off-set printing method. From articles in the newspaper, we know the composition and layout was all done by the LOHS Oak-K staff whether at the school or off site at a printers. We also don't know if there was a change in printers or just a change in printing, in any case, the print quality took a serious step backward in this year.

On the good side, the size of most issues doubled from a standard four pages to eight and sometimes twelve. Like most of 70s America, cost drove a trade-off from quality to quantity. That could have been the same for the Oak-K. But, we do have the pleasure of a lot more Oak-K to read.