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This site is provided in association with the Lone Oak High School Alumni Association.
    Since its beginning in 1920 through the last graduating class of 2013, Lone Oak High School achieved a level of excellence in the top rankings of the state and the nation.
    From newspaper articles, annuals, Senior Spotlights, letters and photos, each class has a history even after graduation. The focus of this site is to remember and document that history.
    Yearbooks from 1937 through 2013 are now available for on-line access. Many LOHS Newspapers have been scanned and are also available. Stay tuned as this site grows in content and recognition of Lone Oak High School.

PHASE ONE IS COMPLETE!!! All yearbooks through 2013 are now on line. All available Oak-K Newspapers through 2009 are also on line. The on-line newspaper the News Flash is also complete through 2013. All available photos from numerous classes are completed and on line. and we are constantly adding content as it become available. In the near future, work will begin the next phase of the project: LOHS History!
We hope this is of benefit to someone!
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Early Info...
The LoneOakAlumni Archival Project has posted all known material from Lone Oak High School's lifespan. But, we welcome any pictures or publications, especially from the pre-1950 years. If you have ANYTHING LOHS that we do not already have. please contact us. You may E-mail