Lone Oak High School
Class of 2010 Collection

2010 Newspapers

This page presents PDF copies of the Oak "K" Newspaper for the 2010 school year, all of which were scanned from printed copies provided by William Durbin '10. Nine issues were produced for this school year. For 2008 and 2009, along with the printed copies that were distributed in house and locally, PDF copies - which were sent to the Paducah Sun for printing - were also loaded to the school web site. For some reason, that did not appear to be the case for 2010 - there wasn't even a page for them. We are not sure if that was due to a journalism department issue or because the school web site was changing.

We did note that beginning with the September issue, the editing process began using Apple Pages instead of Microsoft Publisher. The transition to Apple was well underway with every student now having MacBook Laptops and Apple Macs replacing many PCs. That process would take another turn for 2011 with the transition from the printed Oak-K to an on line newspaper.

The Oak-K Newspaper began in 1941 and will end in 2010, after 69 years of continuous publication. Not a bad run.