Lone Oak High School
Class of 2003 Collection

2003 Newspapers

Oak-K Newspaper

Oak-K Newspapers from the 2002-2003 School Year may be found via the menu to the right all presented in a search enabled PDF format for viewing or download.

We are pleased to have all eight issues published for the 2002-2003 school year.

Suttle, but big changes to the Oak-K this year. For 2002-2003 the paper went to a standard newsprint size of paper folded in half length wise, which may have reduced one sizing step in the publication process but made for one long thin much bigger paper. As such instead of 12 to 16 pages, it became a consistent 8 pages. The change in newsprint also increased ink smugging and bleed-through. Unfortunately the odd sizes also made reproduction difficult and a few gaps have resulted.

None the less, the news is the same and very much representative of life at LOHS. Many thanks to the LOHS Journalism Department and Library for allowing us access to put these issues on line.