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This site presents all the information we have for the LOHS Class of 88. For 1988, we have the yearbook and six of the nine Oak-K newsletters published during the year. We hope to build on the collection for 1988, but also hope you enjoy what we have. If you have addition information that is applicable to the Class of 88, please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

Class of 1988

Class of 1988

1988 brought in a change of administration for the high school; after eight years as principal, the LOHS Class of 52 Tommy Stephenson moved to Heath Middle School. After 20 years as Assistant Principal and several others as a teacher Wallace Adams, LOHS Class of 57, became principal. Buddy Rushing, LOHS Class of 59, took over as Assistant Principal. And, at this point, if you are thinking this is an "in-bred" bunch, you are somewhat correct, but LOHS and McCracken County Schools always had the ability to draw from the best teachers and administrators, even if they were home grown. And that home town pride always drove them to try and beat the rest.

LOHS graduated just over 200 seniors for the school year and from reading the Oak Leaves Yearbook, it appears they all HAD A BLAST!!

1988 also saw the beginning of a tradition that would last more than two decades. Project Graduation was instituted as an alternative to graduation night celebrations which had grown to be... shall we say somewhat unhealty and consequential in previous years. The all night event, usually held on school ground, was just for seniors and their guests, featured music, dancing, games, door prizes and even giveaway drawings for cars and other large ticket items - all of which were donated by community businesses and school supporters. Deemed a success from this first year, Project Graduation became an annual event totally funded by donations and staffed by volunteers from the faculty, administration, parents and alumni of the school.

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