Lone Oak High School
Class of 1988 Collection

1988 Annual "Oak Leaves"

The 1988 Edition of Oak Leaves is presented below as scanned page images and may be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document via the link to the right.

Again, for 1988 we are presenting two PDF downloads, one in low resolution which is typical for on line distribution and an alternative standard or high resolution download. During the late 80s, the school began using computer based desktop publishing, namely Adobe Pagemaker and other electronic means to format text items. This allows the use of much greater accuracy and much better font control for content; font control which allows a somewhat smaller font to be used throughout. Unfortunately, those small fonts don't reproduce well after successive compressions.

The Low resolution file is approximately 17MB in size, a reasonably fast download on broadband and easily readible on line. The High (standard) resolution file is a larger 60MB in size and will take considerably longer to view. We suggest that file be downloaded and viewed off line.

The 1988 annual also has two added signatures (section of pages) that included photos of some seniors and a memorial section for Mike Smith. These page are added after page 32 and 80 with other pages wrapped in the middle of the signature. All pages are accounted for, but does render confusion for page numbering.

This annual was part of the Lone Oak High School Library collection, and we thank Principal Matt Houser and Librarian Brenda Metzger for allowing us access. We hope you enjoy the memories.