Lone Oak High School
Class of 1988 Collection

1988 Madrigals and Choir

As we have reported in various years since 1974: In 1969, George Murphy took over a very successful LOHS Music Department from Dick Throgmorton. Besides continuing the success, Mr Murphy expanded the program with specialty groups.

During our research for the alumni archival project one of the LOHS janitors gave us a scrap book photo album... or more specifically what was left of a scrap book initially "done by Tammy Stonecipher ('81), Aug 13, 1979." The book was reportedly found in the music department when the school was renovated in 1996, the same year Mr Murphy retired. It was placed in storage along with other records to be found over a decade and a half later.

Many of the pictures related to the Madrigals, which were a hit group from 1974 to around 1986 when the group was replaced by a new speciality musical group; The Swing Choir. We are not sure if the pictures here are the Swing Choir or not. We cannot find any mention of this trip in any Annual or Newspaper.

This trip was obviously to one of the many "All American Band and Choir Festivals" that were, and still are, held at various locations around the country. No idea how well they placed in the competition, but they are Number 1 in our book.

All American Festival, Washington DC 1988