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The Class of 53 graduated 42 seniors in a unique ceremony which was held on the front lawn of the high school. We have found no record of other classes having an outside ceremony, at least not so far.

The 1953 LOHS Annual contains a lot of memories and a lot of information. John Robinson remained as Principal, programs were expanding and so was the school. The future is exemplified by the elementary grades which enrolled 530 students in the first 6 grades - thats 90 per grade. The Junior class of 1953 held 73 students. This growth was mostly due to the growth in McCracken County surrounding the building of AEC Plant.

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1948 Mammouth Cave Trip

It took awhile for the Class of '53 to have their first reunion. When they finally gathered again, 23 years after graduation, 30 of the 42 1953 graduates attended. That's over 70% attendance for their 1st reunion, quite an astounding result. Good Job!!! Members of the Class of '53 have shared with us photos from their reunions and are available via the menu selections above.

The picture to the left is a group photo of the future LOHS Class of 1953, taken on a field trip to Mammouth Cave National Park when they were in their 7th Grade year. The picture was supplied to us by Tom Osborne.

Enjoy what we have for 1953, if you have addition information that is applicable to the Class of 53, please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

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