Lone Oak High School
Class of 2012 Collection

2012 Newspapers

The Newsflash for 2011-2012 is endeavoring to keep up with the latest and greatest in web design, or at least they seem to be experimenting with it. In January we see some fancy imaging styles and graphic tricks - especially considering it was produced at the heighth of the browser incompatibility wars. Then it changes to a more familiar design with image links. Then the images link go away. It is also encouraging to recognize they learned some fundementals, such as picture links and the use of pure text instead of graphical texts, but consistency got lost somewhere. Perhaps a good sub-title could be "Fun with Apple Webkit." Good job Newflash team!

Unfortunately, while the journalism continues to remains top knotch, we also continue to see a growing trend away from school related stories toward cultural and social interest articles. Newflash is just not the historical reference of Lone Oak High School that we enjoyed with the years of Oak Leaves.

Again, we have endeavored to reproduce the Internet newspaper as close to what the students saw as possible. Since a site mirror is not as precise as original code, some effects have been simulated. We hope you enjoy what you find. And as last year, the NewsFlash is NOT Mobile responsive.