Lone Oak High School
Class of 2009 Collection

2009 Newspapers

This page presents PDF copies of the Oak "K" Newspaper for the 2009 school year. Along with the printed copies that were distributed to students, faculty and available at many local businesses, an electronic PDF copy was also produced which was made available on line at the school web site. As a matter of process, the paper was designed using Microsoft Publisher on the PCs in the Journalism department. A PDF file copy was produced and transmitted to the Paducah Sun which produced the actual paper copies. The PDF copies were also loaded to the school web site where they could be easily downloaded - continued evolution in the delivery process.

Thanks to William Durbin '10, we now have all 8 of the produced editions for the year. Six of the above were scanned from original printed newsprint copies, December and January were PDF copies captured from the school web site before it was changed.