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The Class of 2000 has their own web site, which is accessible via the menu to the right. Check it out!

The Class of 2000, along with the rest of us, survived the Y2K apocalypse. Nothing crashed and burned as the dire predictions said... at least not yet, the market effects would come later. Life and homework went on as usual and LOHS made the most of it.

This site presents archival information for the LOHS Class of 2000, so far we have the yearbook and all eight Oak-K newsletters published during the year. If you have addition information we would love to add it to the collection for all to enjoy. Please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

All construction is complete, security cameras, check points, guards and new policies are routine. A six foot chain link fence now surrounds the entire school grounds and parking lot. Except for minor changes, the physical LOHS at the turn of the 21st century is the same LOHS for the next 13 years. Those minor changes include a continual upgrade of technology.

The Class of 2000 graduated 205 seniors. Wallace Adams continued as Principle, but after 30+ years of teaching and administration, Buddy Rushing retired and was replaced as assistant by Donna Wear. With achievements in academics and sports across the spectrum, the Class of 2000 started the new century well.

Road-Runner Flash
Road-Runner Flash

Something else was new for the Class of 2000; a new mascot. LOHS just couldn't seem to figure out the mascot thing. Of course then it is pretty hard to mimic a lightning flash. But several efforts were made and quite obviously a lot of fun was had in do so. You can read more about Mascots on LOHSALUMNI.COM's Mascot Page.

In the mid-70s, Peppi the Purple Mouse was born and from what we can tell was the first mascot LOHS ever had. Peppi was replaced by a Flash character in the early 80s, which we have no pictures, records or other informations of. Then in the 2000 yearbook, the Road-Runner Flash shows up; makes sense, "meep, meep, peeowww..." We know that Bethany Hobbs ('03) played the Road-Runner and also Shay Barnes Morgan ('00). Others may have, but they haven't admitted to it. Shay said she was almost kidnapped by another school at one game. We see photos of the Road-Runner up to the 2002 annual, but never featured or explained. At some point around 2005, the Road-Runner was replaced by a Flash Superhero in tights, mask and cape. What we can say is that anyone who played these characters were most certainly out-going, fun loving people... as if LOHS had a shortage of those.

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