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This site presents the information we have for the LOHS Class of 98. For 1998, we have the yearbook and all nine Oak-K newsletters published during the year. If you have addition information we would love to add it to the collection for all to enjoy. Please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

In December of the 1997-98 school year, life in McCracken County Schools changed forever when a freshman student at Heath randomly shot eight other students killing three. Our small communities became the focus of the world with an overwhelming question of "why?". As quoted in the December Oak-K an LOHS senior conveyed the general feeling; "It's not just about the tragic loss of lives, but we've also lost our sense of safety, our sense of security, and our sense of 'it can't happen in a small town like Paducah'. Now when I walk down the halls I'm afriad!" We won't spend any more time on the event, it is a matter of history, except to say that the ramifications are still felt many years later - our schools are different places.

Construction on the new LOHS continued into the 97-98 school year. As Principle Wallace Adams reported, details would not be completed until Spring of 98. But life at LOHS was more organized and a lot cleaner, at least in the completed sections. As part of the renovation, in 1997 LOHS went "on line" for the 1st time with access to the rapidly expanding Internet and World Wide Web. Such an event may seem mundane from this perspective. But consider that Google did not go on line until the next year. In one more tidbit of news, the McCracken County School board postponed on going discussions of consolidation and voted to work on renovation of existing schools.

The 184 member Senior Class, smallest in several years, led a very exciting and successful year at LOHS, whether it was in sports, academics or music. These accomplishments and many others may be found documented in this years collection of memoriabilia.

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