Lone Oak High School
Class of 1991 Collection

1991 Newspapers

Oak-K Newspapers from the 1990-1991 School Year may be found via the menu to the right all presented in PDF format for viewing or download.

We have all nine numbered issues published monthly for this school year. Continuing the letter sized folded format, this entire year exhibited good quality printing and clarity and of course the outstanding writing.

According to records we can find, the Oak-K Newspaper was started in the 1940-1941 school year and identified as Vol 1. The 1990-91 school year is identified as Vol 50, which as far as continuous publication goes, may or may not be accurate. From our research, the Newspaper was not published, at least no monthly, in 1943 or 1945 due to war time conservation efforts. The printed Volume number has bounced around through the years, restarted from 1 a couple of times and then corrected back to historical tracking in the early 80s. As such, the school year marks the 50th year, the newspaper has been in existance. So... OK! Congratulations, Oak-K.

All of these issues came from the Journalism archives. Many thanks to the LOHS staff for giving us access. Enjoy your trip down memory lane with these issues of the LOHS newspaper.