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1968 saw one of the biggest changes to occur at the school for a long time; Principal John Robinson had retired at the end of 1967 after 21 years as Principal of Lone Oak. He would be missed. You simply can't remove an icon like John Robinson without leaving a hole. In such times, familiarity is important and the new Principal, Mr. Glenn Dexter, was well known to the students and faculty as a former coach and teacher at Lone Oak. Assistant Principal Wallace Adams, Jr., was also well known having graduated from Lone Oak in 1957 and also taught for a number of years. The students continued to see many of the same faculty, but also a number of new faces - and it wasn't because of some mass exodus, it was simply the fact the school was growing with new programs, classes and students. It was also a fitting tribute that Mr Robinson was invited back to give the commencement address at the 1968 graduation ceremonies.

158 seniors was pictured in the annual, but this may have been a few short of the official graduating class. The Junior class was approximately 180. Sophamores and Freshmen were well over 200 each. Lone Oak continued to grow.

The 1968 Annual continued with the name Oak Leaves under the guidance of Gary Trenthan. Much of the same format from previous Oak Leaves is maintained.

Pictured above is the Class of 68 50th Anniversary Reunion photo courtesy of Jane Anneken Ruehl and the 50th reunion committee, following their reunion on May 26, 2018. We hope you enjoy the collection for 1968 and if you have addition information that is applicable to the Class of 68, please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.