Lone Oak High School
Class of 1948 Collection

1948 Newspapers

Judging by volume numbers, the Oak-K Newspaper begin in Class year 41-42. However as we find Oak-Ks from across the ages, we find that volume numbers tend to waver a little, so the start date could be off a year or so. These Oak-K were part of the Oak-K Staff's archives in a file cabinet at the High School. Obviously not totally complete, but a great place to start.

The big black sections of these issues is not a redaction for security purposes, but holes cut in the pages. It seems that these may have been the working copies for the staff. As such, if anyone has a copy that hasn't been cut upon, we would love the opportunity to fill in the gaps.

Many thanks to Oak-K Advisor Kelli Bowland and Principle Matt Houser for allowing us access to these and many more issuses.