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1921 Ball Team

This page is dedicated to and provides all the information we have about the Lone Oak High School Class of 1921.

Opening in the fall of 1920 as an official McCracken County High School, the institution naturally became known as Lone Oak High School. LOHS took over the renovated Kentucky Western College building located just north of the intersection of the Mayfield Rd (now Lone Oak Rd) and Friendship Road. The college building had been purchased by the County School board and designated at a county school after a long and enduring effort by the Lone Oak community. E.S. Sherron had been appointed by the school board as Principal.

As the inaugural class for the school, you could easily expect a lot more information and history, but we will reserve the rest of the story for the history section as it involves a lot of research and organization and unfortunately a lot more time.

For the Class of 21, we presently have a photo of the 1920-21 Basketball team thanks to Loree Faith Mueller '61 and David Faith '53. From left to right in the picture, they are David Faith, Billie Phipps, Audrey Page, Hubert Faith and Charles Boyd. Charles also played the next year and is seen in the 1922 team photo.

As David Faith '53 tells us "David Faith in the 1921 photo is my Dad, Hubert Faith is Dad's brother two or three years older, Charlie Boyd was the owner of Boyd's grocery and the farm store in Lone Oak. Dad graduated from Lone Oak High in 1918, but needed more credits so He and Uncle Hubert went back in 1921 to obtain the extra credits required at the time."

Many thanks to Loree for posting the picture on the LOHS Alumni Facebook and to David for providing the history.

If you have addition information that is applicable to the Class of 21, please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

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