John Robinson Memorial Museum

In April 2002, upon the dedication of the bronze bust of John Robinson, the plan was to place the bust in a trophy case located in the lobby of the renamed John Robinson Arena. While this may have been a fitting place at the time, over time the gym lobby became more of a storage area used only for public access during the occassional home basketball game. After several years many expressed the desire to have a more prominent place for not only the bust, but other memoriabilia for the high school as a whole from the Robinson time period. From that, the search was on to identify and secure a more permanent and prominent location.

John Robinson

In early 2009, a new location was identified and thanks to approvals by Tim Heller, McCracken County School Superintendent; Brian Harper, Principal of Lone Oak High School and Darrell Sullivan, Superintendent of Building and Grounds; a former class room closet was reconstructed into the LOHS/John Robinson Memorial Museum. Special thanks to David Keele and Co for the expert construction work to renovate the closet, install the hallway windows and lighting.

Located just inside the front door of the former high school, now middle school, and visible through two large windows; the bust of John Robinson, was once again watching over the halls (can you hear him shouting?); his office rolltop desk (as seen in the 1949 yearbook photo); the hand rung fire bell that could be heard all the way to Mayfield (...or at least so we thought) and caused students and teacher alike to jump out of their desks; the hand wound pendulum clock that rang the class change bells; and numerous other documents and items reminiscent of the Robinson years at Lone Oak High School.

Next time you are at the school, maybe at the annual Lone Oak Community Breakfast, don't forget to take a few moments to gaze at the old times represented in the John Robinson/LOHS Museum.