John Robinson Memorial Golf Tournament

As the work began to build the memorial and endowment fund, the committee looked for a way to not only raise money, but have fun doing it. Historically, one thing that would attract a large group, that all could participate in, for a sensible price and would yield the most funds to a worthy effort was Golf, of course... or golf on a course... well, you get the point. There are more fund raising golf tournaments than any other method and over the course of thirteen years they have proved very effective for the John Robinson Scholarship Fund. Not to mention a favorite excuse for old friend to gather, swap tales and secure bragging rights for another year.

Beginning in 2004, the John E Robinson Scholarship Golf Tournament became the flagship event for fundraising and what became known in LOHS Alumnus circles as the "Robinson Weekend." Scheduled to coincide with Paducah's BBQ-on-the-River event and the John Robinson Breakfast, later the Lone Oak Community Breakfast, the last weekend in September attacked reunions for a number of classes in and beyond the Robinson years.

Playing at Paducah's premiere golf course; Paxton Park, the greens were always beautiful and the course well groomed, even in the roughest of weather years. We never had to postpone or cancel a single event, although it was cart path only many a year. Course manager Danny Mullen was always a gracious host and gave us a great deal on fees and carts. Beyond the individual entry fee for playing golf, "Hole Sponsorships" were also sold for a fixed donation. A sign was placed at the greens throughout the course advertising support for the scholarship. Prizes and awards were generally donated by local businesses and it was not uncommon to receive large donations beyond the event fees. All in all, it was a time that many alumni far and wide showed their support for the effort.

Beginning in 2007, the Lone Oak Alumni Association added a lunch to the event schedule consisting of hot dogs, chili and all the fixin's. This added to the attendance if not the participation as alumni would come to visit for lunch even if they did not play golf. Many of the pictures show the lunch gathering.

In 2017, the Alumni committee and former JERS Committee members decided NOT to hold another golf event. The 2016 tournament was one of the best ever for scholarship fund investments, with the fund then exceeding $240,000. While many Robinson years alumni still enjoy a time of comradery, we had to face it, we weren't getting any younger. Participation in the event, along with the volunteer staff to produce the event had waned. We relished in the thought that the Robinson memory was and is enshrined in a legacy that will live on well beyond those who knew him. You can't complain about success.

In 2007, we began collecting and organizing pictures of the event to keep up with who attended. A number of people wanted to see them and thus began the collection represented by this page. When it came to rebuilding these pages for mobile responsiveness, we thought about reducing the images to a few from each year to display on one page. But even that became a huge amount of images. So, we reformatted the existing pages and kept all the pictures and commentary. As such each year stands on its own. We hope you enjoy the memories and thank you for the many years of support.