Lone Oak Community Breakfasts

Food is an attraction or maybe an excuse for people to gather for anything, anytime and lots of Lone Oakers obviously enjoy the opportunity. For evidence you only have to look around at what has become an annual event in Lone Oak; the Lone Oak Community Breakfast.

Started in 2002 as the Lone Oak High School Community Breakfast, a fund raising event for the newly founded John Robinson Scholarship Fund, the event quickly grew beyond that to become part of an annual weekend for class reunions and family visits. Couple the breakfast with the Paducah BBQ on the River festival and food is plentiful for the whole weekend. When the high school closed in 2013, the event was renamed to the Lone Oak Community Breakfast. In 2015, when the John Robinson Committee transitioned administration of the scholarship fund to the West Kentucky Community Foundation and oversite to the Lone Oak Alumni Association, the breakfast continued as an alumni event, but still receives donations to the JERS fund.

For as long as willing hearts and bodies are able, join us each year at the same time and same place as alumni gather and hash old and new memories. And if you would like to help sponsor or work the event, please let us know.

As this series of pages were rewritten for mobile responsiveness, we considered reducing or even doing away with the years of pictures collected from previous events. However, as we reviewed them, we realized that many pictured from the older classes are no longer with us. The effort to reformat and the cost of hosting space is minimal, so we decided to keep them all as slideshows for each year. You may use the buttons below to select the years and then view the slideshows for each. We hope someone will enjoy the memories.