Lone Oak High School
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2011 Newspapers

Since 1941, the Journalism and/or English Department of Lone Oak High School has published a periodic newspaper titled the "Oak-K". We have searched high and low for as many copies as we can find and although way short of complete, we do have a few. The Oak-K has ranged from monthly publications to once a semester or one every six weeks; from a single newspaper sheet to several pages in newspaper size to magazine size, in recent years even available in electronic PDF format. It wasn't for a lack of material, or a lack of participants, being on the Oak-K staff was hard work and lots of time, but indeed a privilege and a treat. But like everything, it costs - and the advertising and the fews cents charged students from time to time didn't come close to covering the costs.

In the fall of 2010, fitting with the continuing technology evolution, the print edition of the Oak-K was put to bed for the last time. A new generation of news magazines was born to meet the needs of a cost conscious, green generation whom all had laptops, PCs or Smartphones at the ready. The transition is best explained on the front page of the first edition of the NewsFLASH - an Internet only news magazine of Lone Oak High School.

Because of hosting limitations and to insure archival longevity, the content of each edition of the NewsFLASH has been ported to pages resident on LoneOakAlumni.Org hosting servers. However the content is the same as originally published by the Newspaper Staff of the high school. Each edition is accessible via the menu above and will open in a separate window for reading. Unfortunately, these pages are NOT mobile responsive. They are fixed width and like our old format will have to be viewed as pan and scan. At the time the NewsFlash was published, the iPhone was only 3 years old and the web community was still trying to find solutions to a yet unknown problem. As stated, the LOHS On Line Newspaper is presented as is.