Lone Oak High School
Class of 2011 Collection

2011 Annual

The 2011 LOHS Annual, is presented below as scanned page images and may be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document via the link above. We are not sure what the Class of 2011 decided to name the annual as there is not a name written or implied anywhere within the book. It is listed as volume 46, which means it was volume 46 of "Oak Leaves" which began in 1966, but renamed to "The Flash" in 2008. Of course The Flash was the original name from the 1930s. SO... what's in a name? The contents continue to be outstanding and a wonderful representation of life at LOHS.

As in previous years this years PDF edition remains a very large file at 34MB, so if you have a slow connection don't get impatient. Unfortunately the large size is necessary to clearly display the ever increasing amount of content. While still holding to 216 pages, the type and images keep getting smaller to get more in. With the smaller fonts and the wild variation in fonts, the search features of Acrobat Reader are somewhat limited.

As in previous years, the 2011 Annual was obtained from the high school's library collection in mint condition. Every effort was made to keep it that way and some scans are not as clear as they could be. Some pages in this annual crossed page boundaries with pages and images that crossed the center pages of a signature. In older annuals we were able to break the back enough to scan across those pages. Doing so in this annual would have been destructive, so some two page images are not complete. The content is still readable and enjoyable, and we hope it is useful. Many thanks to Principal Brian Harper and Librarian Brenda Metzger for allowing us access.