Lone Oak High School
Class of 2005 Collection

2005 Annual "Oak Leaves"

The Oak Leaves is presented below as scanned page images and may be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document via the link above. The 2005 Oak Leaves PDF is a seachable document using the search features of Acrobat Reader.

The 2005 Oak Leaves was obtained from the high school's library collection and presented a challenge to the process of scanning and archiving. The book was quite simply "stiff as a board" and probably had never been opened. It wasn't stiff from age, even though it was 7 years old, it was still as brand new. Of course in the process of scanning one needs to get each page as flat as possible on the scanner, but the stiff back - and our efforts not to damage the document - resulted in an out of focus edge to almost every page on the binding side. We endeavored to correct that distortion in the editing process, but many pages will exhibit a blurred or discolored edge. In all cases the contents are readable, just not as pretty as originally designed. We also had problems with some of the unusual fonts used for captions and titles.

Irregardless of the problems, we present the 2005 Oak Leaves Annual for your enjoyment. Many thanks to Principal Matt Houser and Librarian Brenda Metzger for allowing us access.