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This site presents archival information for the LOHS Class of 2001, so far we have the yearbook and six of eight Oak-K newsletters published during the year. If you have addition information we would love to add it to the collection for all to enjoy. Please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

Principle Wallace Adams

The biggest change for the Class of 2001 and Lone Oak High School was the retirement of long time Principal Wallace Adams. Mr Adams was a 1957 graduate of LOHS, having grown up in Lone Oak and attended LOHS since the 1st grade. The oldest of four LOHS alumni and a well respected Lone Oak family. Mr Adams returned to LOHS in 1961 as a teacher and continued a 40 year career as teacher, coach, Assistant Principal and Principal. Mr Adams also enjoyed several other "side" careers from Sheriff's Deputy to Preacher. Mr Adams was replaced by Assistant Principal Donna Wear.

At 180 seniors, the Class of 2001 was smaller than previous years, but with 23% having attained honor status, they were an accomplished class.

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