Lone Oak High School
Class of 1999 Collection

1999 Annual "Oak Leaves"

The 1999 Oak Leaves annual is presented below as scanned page images and may be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document via the link above. The PDF version is recompiled and is now search enabled using most readers search functions. Actually, we are assuming is was named "Oak Leaves" as nowhere in the annual does it actually say the name. The only indication we have is on last page, final goodbye by the 1998-1999 Oak Leaves Yearbook Staff. Maybe they were so worried about Y2K, they didn't think name, publisher or volume number made any difference.

True to the tradition of song based themes and most appropriate to the time, the theme for this year is based on Prince's song and album "1999". We are not going to include the lyrics, you can Google them yourself - then you will know where all the references come from in the yearbook.

The 1999 yearbook came from the high school's library collection. Our thanks to Principal Matt Houser and Librarian Brenda Metzger for allowing us access. We hope you enjoy the memories.