Lone Oak High School
Class of 1992 Collection

Extra Photos

In the last minute rush effort to archive as much information as quickly as possible before it was all lost in the move to the new McCracken County High School - and it was lost - we simply scanned what ever we could find in the order we got it. When that process was complete in May of 2013, we began the process of sorting, processing and publishing. In the file folder for the October 2002 Oak-K Newspaper was an envelop of color photos. They was scanned and archived with the Class of 2003 documents.

When we reached the point of processing and publishing the 2003 Oak-Ks and Annual, we could not place the photos in that timeline. So we turned to Lynn Cunningham to put the photos on the LOHS Alumni Facebook site where in very short order, the sequence and those in the photos were properly identified to be from Class years 1991 and 1992. Many thanks to Lynn Cunningham and everyone on Facebook that chimed in to restore these memories.

The pictures could have been taken over several years and were probably intended for use in the Oak-K or annuals although we could not find any coorelation to anything published. In any case, it is a pleasure to present them here for everyone's enjoyment. If anything needs to be added, please e-mail us.

This page is also linked in the Class pages of 1991 and 1993 for those who may be included.

The five images below are a panoramic of some choir practice. Not sure of exactly the dance routine, maybe YMCA or possibly the Chicken Dance, but obviously fun. Seen among this dance team is Kenneth Verbaere, Jennifer Grimes, James Rushing, Sarah Morgan, Joey Robinson, Amy Barker, Ashley Ellis, Susan Knott, Jill Seifert, Shellie Morris, Sheri Jones, Krista Gronefeld, Billy Bufford, Deanna Willett, and Rebecca Lovelace. Not necessarily in any order.

George Murphy, Music Teacher, Choir Director, Composer, Choreography, friend and inspiration from 1969 to 1996

Mrs Wallace, Rhonda Reid, Carrie Hopper, Ellen Sweatt, Shannon Wallis and Michael Coovert. From the participants this is probably a DECA club trip and from the comments it was to Louisville. Obviously, they made the trip in style.