Lone Oak High School
Class of 1990 Collection

1990 Annual "Oak Leaves"

The 1990 Edition of Oak Leaves is presented below as scanned page images and may be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document via the link above.

This years Oak Leaves was probably one of the best presentations to date, clean, crisp lettering and picture layout. We also see productive use of the inner covers, something new. As the Oak Leaves team tells us, this year a new publisher was used for the annual which along with the staff's creativity obviously made a difference. And that difference will be more obvious in coming years. It is also obvious that LOHS and Oak Leaves has entered the computerized era.

This annual had a considerable number of two page layouts, crossing the center fold with pictures, including the front and back covers. We reconstructed as many of those as possible and present them in the original wide page format as noted by a (w) on the description. Unfortunately the PDF format cannot do wide format.

The 1990 Oak Leaves was not part of the Lone Oak High School Library collection, but we were fortunate enough to find several alumni willing to loan us their copy. Thanks to Jenny Stephon Green ('92), Matt Lovelace ('92), and Paul Thompson ('90) for their generousity. We hope you enjoy the memories.