Lone Oak High School
Class of 1978 Collection

1978 Annual "Oak Leaves"

Nancy Hollowell Williams
Terri Freeman Houser

High School Yearbooks are published with one purpose in mind; remembering. Beyond the obvious, that is the theme of this years Oak Leaves. The annual is filled in many places with the personal memories of many teachers and students from all classes. We hope you enjoy this presentation and if you were part of the Class of 78, remember the good times.

A special thanks is due to the kind efforts of three ladies; Annita Kelly Hollowell (56), Nancy Hollowell Williams (78) and Terri Freeman Houser (78) who supplied annuals from 71 to 78 and other items from previous years. Since Nancy and Terri are Class of 78 this seemed like the appropriate place to say thanks... and post a neat picture we found in one of the annuals. You will also see them in several places in the 78 Yearbook.

You may view each page of the document below or download a complete PDF document using the link above.