Lone Oak High School
Class of 1976 Collection

1976 Annual "Oak Leaves"

So, what would be a good theme for the Class of 76 Yearbook? Would something surrounding the country's Bi-Centennial be good? Absolutely, and the Spirit of 76 became the Year of Spirit at LOHS. And spirit they had, just peruse the pages of the 1976 Oak Leaves and see for yourself.

This year Oak Leaves saw a major change, the addition of color to the Annual - and quite the improvement it is. Gone are the standard black ties and drapes that so many a class hated. In now are natural colorful settings with real clothes. Up are the prices, unfortunately, so that out of a class of almost 200, only 165 are shown in the annual.

Different class have taken different approaches to publishing the annuals, which while it is a school yearbook is mostly the creation of the senior class. Most years include year ending events such as prom and graduation. Unfortunately, doing so means the annual isn't available until some time later in the summer or fall of that year. After many of the seniors have moved away to college. Some years don't include those events, and they are lost forever.

The Class of 76 decided to publish a Spring Annual which would be available for deliver before the end of the school year - great for getting all your friends to autograph them. Spring and year ending events would be documented and a supplement published for pickup later in the summer or the beginning of the 76-77 school year. Thanks to Lisa Harton Cattanach, we have a copy of the Supplement for your enjoyment. It is accessible from the home page menu.

The Spring hardbound 1976 edition of Oak Leaves is presented here as scanned digitized images for your review. You may view each page of the document below or download a complete PDF document using the link to the right. Copies of the 1976 Oak Leaves were provided by Nancy Hollowell Williams (78) and Terri Freeman Houser (78).