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1966 Elementary and Junior High Memories

Under our new mobile design, it was necessary to flatten the home page menu or it would have consumed the whole page on a small screen. So several items originally referenced from that menu were moved to sub-categories. This page is an example.

On this page we combine elementary and Junior High items. Because the 1966 Oak Leaves Annual is now presented in it's entirity as part of the LoneOakAlumni.Org Archival project, any items part of the original 1966 website that were snaps or cuts from that annual were removed. If the items go beyond the annual and may be of memory value to members of the Class of 66, they remain. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Mrs. Rue's 6th Grade Class, Fall 1959

Among the highlites of the Class of 66 was that it was the first class to graduate from the newly opened Lone Oak Elementary School. Prior to the opening of LOES, elementary grades were located at the high school building crammed into a limited space with class sizes exceeding 40 pupils. The opening of the new school meant the future Class of 66 was scattered among four 6th grade classes; Mrs Lucille Harris, Mrs Jane Hoffman, Mrs Minnie Rue and Mrs Marie Wyman. Each grade had it's own building, or pod, with a central gynasium and uncrowded cafeteria; and a large fenced, well equipment playground area. The Class of 66 also enjoyed being the "big kids" on the block, at least for awhile.

The new school meant the remaining 7th through 12 grades at the high school could expand into the whole property with new, smaller classes and not all them brats choking the cafeteria.

We have a single class picture from the time of only Mrs Rue's class. If anyone has other class photo's please let us know.

Back Row: (L-R) Mrs. Rue, David Osborne, Kenny Hall, Ralph Goode, Pat Smithson, Linda Cruse,
Susan Owen, ____, Rosalie Edwards, ____, Cecilia Newton, Bonnie Garrigus.
Middle Row: (L-R) Eddie Shelton, Dianne Adams, Rebecca Blackston, Nancy Godfrey, Pam West, Reva Crooks
Front Row (L-R): Ronnie Atherton, Kenny O'Brien, Ricky Leeper, Mike Stroud, Kerry James,
Danny Sheehen, _____, Mike Kelly, Jim Craver, Mike Adams, Ricky Johnston.

Among the information from this period are also newspapers from Mrs Rue's class courtesy of Nancy Duff. Click on an image to open a PDF copy of the issue. These are obviously from Mrs Rue's home room only and according to the editions we are only missing one issue from the fall.

6th Grade Class Ballteam

The Class of 66 was also the first basketball team for the new school. A team which would set a high standard for the new school and go undefeated for the season. Thanks to Reva Crooks Kirkham '66 for these memories.

6th Grade Graduation

The end of the 1959-60 school year brought another first. The first ever sixth grade graduation for Lone Oak Elementary School and the County. Eighth Grade graduations were common, depending on the school, but this was different and it began a tradition. Thanks to Jean Marie Smith Russel '66, we have a record of the event.

Junior High Ballteams

The Class of 66 continued their dominance of the basketball court from the 6th grade through Junior High. Thanks to Tony Holshouser '66 for the 8th Grade picture and Reva Crooks Kirkham 66' for the newspaper clippings with the writeups.

Other Early Pictures

According to these dated pictures there were all taken in June 1961, possibly right at the end of the school year. At least the 1st three were taken around the LOHS Gym. On the left are Bonnie Garrigus and Molly Stom obviously outside the Gym. Then Jimmy Johnson, possible by the Gym. On the right is Rick Leeper who knows where doing who knows what.

Bonnie Garrigus
Molly Stom
Jimmy Johnson
Rick Leeper