Lone Oak High School
Class of 1966 Collection

1966 Annual "Oak Leaves"

The Class of 66 LOHS Annual was renamed to become "Oak Leaves" instead of the traditional name, "The Flash". A new emblem was also defined, which was emblazened on many pages throughout the annual. This year's annual was also boldly labeled as Vol I, as it is the 1st in a new series of LOHS Yearbooks. The 1967 Oak Leaves was Vol II and it continued a long time. The emblem also continued to be used for many years.

The new Oak Leaves had a slightly different format from the traditional senior class emphasis. More than the first half focused on the school, faculty, curriculum and activities. When the grades were pictured, the student section started with the 7th grade and the senior class was last. The annual also contained a one of a kind item; a complete index of all students, in all grades and the pages they could be found on in the annual - now that took a lot of time.

The 1966 Lone Oak High School Annual is presented below as photographed page images and is downloadable above as a PDF document. The document was loaned to us from a member of the Class of 66. We hope you enjoy.