Lone Oak High School
Class of 1963 Collection

1963 Other Publications and Memories

These minor but memorable publications are very exciting in and of themselves, but they certainly do chure up the memories of the events. What senior did not enjoy Senior Class Night, which in those days was a manditory event, and the Senior Play more for the planning and preparation than for the hour or two of the actually program.

Class Night in these years was a fun time of comedy and seriousness. Jabs were taken at every senior with everyone receiving a gag prize that highlighted their years at LOHS. And then the prophecy, where each classmate would be in 10 years. Accuracy was not the aim, fun was. Seriousness came in the history and awards presented. In these years, scholarships and college enrollment was not presented. Few scholarships existed and those that were presented were done in private. My how times have changed.

Thanks to Annette Smith ('64) and Jean Marie Smith ('66) for these memories.

Class Night 1963

Senior Play 1963