Lone Oak High School
Class of 1963 Collection

1963 LOHS Marching Band

The picture below of the LOHS Marching Band for the school year 1962-63 is from the fall of 1962 . This picture was shown in the November 9, 1962 Oak-K. Articles of the band's many awards and accomplishments may be found in Oak-Ks across many years. The band and those who participated were the pride of the school and the whole state. Thanks to all for their hard work and talent. Thanks also to Don Howell of West Kentucky Geneology and Lynn Gage Cunningham ('79) for obtaining this image for all to enjoy.

The band included talent from 7th through 12th grades and the picture was published without a list of members. And although a very similar picture of the 1961-62 band was published in the October 10, 1961 Oak-K along with names, the positions and some members are different between the years, so we can't know for sure who is where in this photo.

On the original LoneOakALummni.Org 1963 LOHS Marching Band page, published in 2012, image mapping techniques were used to provide a thumbnail popup of each individual on the image. If we knew who the person was, the popup would identify them. If we did not have an identify, the popup would provide a link that a viewer could use to submit a suggested identity. Most of the names list below the picture came from that process. Unfortunately, that type of image mapping does not work with responsive (mobile) page design so it could not be ported to this page.

IF you are using a DESKTOP or LAPTOP and a MOUSE, you may still view the original mapped page and if you see someone you can identify, you may submit a suggestion. Click the menu bar above to access the original coding.

The links below the picture allow you to download the image in both 300dpi and 1200dpi resolution. The 300dpi resolution is sufficient for viewing and printing. The 1200dpi image useful for editing and cropping for detail, but is much larger in size. Both images have been corrected for age discoloration and fading from the 50+ year old image.

1963 Marching Band

LOHS Marching Band

Front Row: Bonnie Gatlin '63, Cheryl Spears '64, Georgia Dunlap '66, Linda Churchwell '65, Bill Weatherspoon '65, Juliana Wenzel '65, Mike Harton '64, Barry Johnson '64, Gary Coltharp '65, Martha Terry '64, Janice Floyd '65, Nancy Godfrey '66, Pam West '66, Jackie Hillyer '64

2nd Row: _____, _____, _____, Jimmy cooper '65, _____, Dale Gaines '66, Ricky Johston '66, Kenny O'Brien '66, Jerry Lynn '67, Tony Page '67, _____, Mike Kelley '66, Bill Anderson '67, _____, _____

3rd Row: Richard Petty Dir., Kerry James '66, _____, Ruth Spears '66, Bruce Wilkins '65 (Reidland), Mollie Stom '66, Rebecca Blackston '66, _____, Max Heath '66, Terry Massa '65, Charles Mike McClure '67, Maxine Schroader '66, _____, Ricky Leeper '66, Tommy Metcalf '64, Lynette Davis '66

4th Row: Keith Hodges '68 (??), _____, Jim Craver '66, Gary Barks '66, Tommy Wyman '64, Eddie Clark '64, Charlotte Clark '65, _____, Charles Gaylen Hargrove '63, Nathan Davis 65, Joe Katzil '66, Terry Penix '64, Glen Davis '66, Jerry Martin '65

5th Row: Mike James '67(??), _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, Gary Fields '66, _____, Iris Hargrove '66, _____, Eddie Shelton '66, Dianne Lewis '66, _____, _____

6th Row: David Clark '65, Judy Littlejohn '65, Rodney Mabry '65, Patty Daniels '66, Cecelia Newton '66, Gary Atkins '65, Leroy Railey '65, _____, Susan Owen '66, Carolyn Colson '64, _____, _____, Lona Hayes '64(??), Cheryl Green '65, Cheryl Parker '65

Back Row: Danny Huff '65, Dick Blackston '65, _____, Eddie McDougal '65, _____, _____, James O'Brien '65, _____, Donald Green '64, Eddie Hodges '68