Lone Oak High School
Class of 1961 Collection

1961 Other Publications and Memories

This page holds a collection of programs and publications from various events familiar to the Class of 61, and for that matter other LOHS Alumni. We hope all enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Basketball Schedule

Basketball Schedule cards! We all carried these around with us and by year end, they were about as ragged as this one from Betty Jo Weitlauf Jones '61. Interestingly, few were ever completely filled out with wins and loses..

Class Night 1961

Class Nights were always fun and under John Robinson were manditory! Of course who would want to miss the reading of the wills, awards and gifts that brought joy and embarassment to... most!

Senior Play 1961 - Almost Summer

Senior Day Tea

Do any of you boys, men now, remember this??? Didn't think so. It is some shindig, just look at the dignitary list on the program. Sponsored by the McCracken County PTA, held in the Lone Oak Gym. Maybe it was a Home Economics Project... just kidding.



Eighth Grade Graduation - May 24, 1957