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This page provides links to all the information we presently have available for the LOHS Class of 57, which includes the Senior Spotlight and one issue of the Oak-K newsletter.

Two classics came out of 1957; the 1957 Chevrolet auto and one senior named Wallace Adams. It took awhile for the 1957 Chevy to become one of the most memorable vehicles every produce by General Motors. It also took a few years for Wallace, aka "Bud" among other monikers, to become "Mr. Adams." Returning to his alma matre in 1961, Wallace continued as a teacher, coach, assistant principal and then principal to retire in 2001 after a 40 year career at LOHS and the second longest tenured principal in school history. Through the years, numerous other LOHS graduates returned as teachers and administrators, but none continued as long as Wallace Adams.

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