Lone Oak High School
Class of 1955 Collection

1955 Newspapers

The publishers notice in each Oak-K of this year states it is published every 3rd week during the school year. A little math translates that to at least 12 issues. The April 8th issue is listed as number 13, so we'll go by that. However, the October 13th issue, which should be at the 6th week point of the school year is labeled as number 7, and the issues are number in sequence for the rest of the year. It appears the numbering may be off or a few issues were skipped during the year.

In any case were are glad to have what we have, as they are pretty much the sole source of news for the school year. Many thanks to Betty Jo Weitlauf Jones ('61) and to the estate of Pam Leeper Estes ('61), we have seven of how every many Oak-Ks were producted for the class year of 54-55. We certainly yearn for more editions, and some clarification to the issue numbers, so if anyone has access to additional lost copies, please let us know.

The Oak-K Newsletter is presented as an Adobe PDF file. Click the link above to view the paper or you may download the edition of the Oak-K for later use. And we are hoping at some point to be able to add other editions to the collection.