Lone Oak High School
Class of 1946 Collection

1946 Annual - The "Flash"

The Class of 46 resumed the yearly publication of the LOHS Annual after it was broken by the years of World War II, and we are sincerely grateful they did. The Annuals not only honor the graduating class, they provide history of the school and in some cases the community.

This 1946 LOHS High School Annual that we had literally came apart as we opened it. It appeared to have been wet at some point or stored in high humidity. You can see the wrinkling on some page scans. Apparently also, the spine glue had been softed and compromised. So, we carefully disassembled it, scanned it and put it back together with heavy duty staples and 21st Century glue. Doubtful the modern improvements will last as long as it's first 66 years, but it is very readable.

The 1946 Lone Oak High School Annual is presented as scanned page images. Page numbering may not be exact as blank pages were not scanned or included. Thanks to Buddy Rushing for providing this copy.