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The Class of 1937 began a tradition that has lasted through the ages even unto the close of LOHS: a high school annual. This class under the leadership of very well loved Principal Woodfin Hutson produced the 1st annual called "The Flash". These annuals decument the memories that we often look on for years to come and are instrumental in the reunions that follow. In addition they provide a look at the school during that time period, the events, programs, activites, even the buildings and facilites.

Thank you Class of 37. You may view their work and the memories of 1937 via the menu selection above.

The 37 members of the Class of 37 probably had many reunions through the years, we know of two.

Class of 37 - 40th Reunion


On July 9, 1977, the Class of 37 held its 40th Reunion. How do we know? It made the news with a picture of the origin graduating class picture at the front of the school. And the news not only detailed the reunion, it listed each senior in the picture along with the Principal; Woodfin Hutson. Unfortunately, we lose a lot of clarity and resolution with the newspaper image, but everyone is still recognizable.

This news articles was from Buddy Rushing's (59) collection of LOHS Memoriabilia, but was also supplied to us by Kay Metcalf Holland (71).

Class of 37 - 60th Reunion


On September 6, 1997, the Class of 37 held its 60th Reunion. Of the 17 surviving members from the original roster of 37 graduating seniors, 10 were able to attend the reunion. We not only have the news report, but thanks to Earl Metcalf's daughter Kay Metcalf Holland, we have an original photo. And a high resolution image of the photo is also available. We also have the 1997 address list for the reunion, but it will remain unpublished for privacy resaons.

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