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This site has pictures and memories from the Lone Oak High School class of 1929. As the timeline of our collection goes, a lot has happened since the previous collection in 1924. The Kentucky Western College Building which became the first Lone Oak High School, burn in 1926. Instead of rebuilding at the same location, property was acquired at the state agricultural center located off what is now Robinson/College Ave.

At the new location, a two story brick building with a basement was constructed with multiple larger class rooms. All indications are that the school was in use for the 1929 school year beginning in the fall of 1928. At that point, the school also boasted of an in door basketball court or gymnasium, one of a very few in the county as described in the school newspaper The Enterprise.

In our collection of the Class of 29, we have a copy of the Enterprise newspaper, which is probably the first one of the school year and possibly the first ever. Read more on the Enterprise below. Along with the newspaper are reproductions of the 29 graduating class that contain a list of the graduates, and similar pictures of the ball teams. According to the records, LOHS now includes Grades 1 through 12 and is ever improving in capabilities and certifications. Miles Meredith was principal in 1929.

1929 girls and the varsity boys basketball teams are in the gallery above. The only reason we know it is the Girls Basketball team is from the "29" on the basketball in the picture. Unfortunately we have no names to go with the picture. The boys varsity team picture is from one published in the the Lone Oak News. There were no credits as to who submitted it or when, but Jack Clark provided names and comments. Also, found openly on the Internet probably posted on Facebook, was a group picture of the Sophomore Class of 1929. This would be the graduating Class of 31. The image is a small low resolution copy of a newpaper article which upfortunately doesn't enlarge without pixilating. But it does give up a list of the Sophomore Class in 1929.

Thanks to Buddy Rushing for the copy of the Lone Oak High School Enterprise. The Enterprise was the predecessor of the Oak-K Newspaper which started in the early 40s. Dated November 23, 1928 and written and published by the Class of 29 senior class, some of the stories draw a good picture of the school at that time. An article on the 2nd page tells us about the Class of 28 after graduation. Articles on the title page (p3) give us a report on the academic status of the school. There are no volumn or issue numbers, so we don't know for sure where it may fit in the life of the publication, however it is very likely to be the first.

For easier reading, we have created a PDF copy of the entire newspaper which is accessible from the home page. Enjoy reading this glimpse into history.

If you have addition information that is applicable to the Class of 29, please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

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