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This page is dedicated to and provides all the information we have about the Lone Oak High School Class of 1922. The seven seniors of the Class of 1922 (names on the program) were the second graduating class of Lone Oak High School. E.S. Sherron continued as Principal in 1922.

Opening in the fall of 1920, LOHS took over the renovated Kentucky Western College building, shown in the photo and also is the header image for the 1920s class file. The building was located at the intersection of the Mayfield Rd (now Lone Oak Road) and Friendship Road, North of Friendship, East of Lone Oak Rd. The location later became the location of the Lone Oak Methodist Church and in 2018 is shared by the Dairette, Friendship Baptist Church and Regions Bank. We do not know the derivation of the inset photo above so it may or may not be LOHS related. The Kentucky Western College was part of the community for many years prior to becoming the high school, so the event shown may be a community event.

The few documents we have from this class year are shown below. A copy of the Commencement program for the Class of 1922 iisting among other things, the names of the Class of 1922. Also included is a photo of the 1922 LOHS Ball Team. All of these came from Buddy Rushing collection of LOHS Memoriabilia. Lynn Cunningham was able to come up with the names, but we don't know which is whom: William Lawrence Kelley, Ocie Lee Ransom, Bert Housman, Charles V. Boyd, and Charles Bruce Davis. Can anyone put names to faces? If so, give us an e-mail or post on the LOHS Alumni Facebook page.

If you have addition information that is applicable to the Class of 21, please e-mail the site Webmaster. Please provide contact information so that we may reply.

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